Collapsing and Almost Nonnegative Curvature

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Tuschmann W. (2012) Collapsing and Almost Nonnegative Curvature. In: Bär C., Lohkamp J., Schwarz M. (eds) Global Differential Geometry. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics, vol 17. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg


Almost nonnegatively curved manifolds are charming spaces for at least two reasons: From a classical point of view, they are natural generalizations of almost flat as well as nonnegatively and positively curved manifolds, and the study of all of the latter has a long tradition in Riemannian geometry. Secondly, almost nonnegatively curved manifolds are precisely the spaces which can be collapsed to a point under a fixed lower bound on sectional curvature, so that in degenerations and convergence of metrics under lower curvature bounds they play the same fundamental role that almost flat manifolds do in Cheeger–Fukaya–Gromov’s theory of collapse with curvature bounded in absolute value.


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