Semantic Building Information Model and Multimedia for Facility Management

  • Christophe Nicolle
  • Christophe Cruz
Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 75)


In the field of civil engineering, the proliferation of stakeholders and the heterogeneity of modeling tools detract from the quality of the design process, construction and building maintenance. In this paper, we present a Web-based platform lets geographically dispersed project participants—from facility managers and architects to electricians to plumbers—directly use and exchange project documents in a centralized virtual environment using a simple Web browser. A 3D visualization lets participants move around in the building being designed and obtain information about the objects that compose it. This approach is based both on a semantic architecture called CDMF and IFC 2x3. Our framework, based on Building Information Modeling features, facilitates data maintenance (data migration, model evolution) during the building lifecycle and reduces the volume of data.


Interoperability 3D collaborative platform Industry foundation classes (IFC) Building information modeling (BIM) Semantic web 


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