Bi-Objective Community Detection (BOCD) in Networks Using Genetic Algorithm

  • Rohan Agrawal
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 168)


A lot of research effort has been put into community detection from all corners of academic interest such as physics, mathematics and computer science. In this paper I have proposed a Bi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for community detection which maximizes modularity and community score. Then the results obtained for both benchmark and real life data sets are compared with other algorithms using the modularity and MNI performance metrics. The results show that the BOCD algorithm is capable of successfully detecting community structure in both real life and synthetic datasets, as well as improving upon the performance of previous techniques.


Community Structure Community detection Genetic Algorithm Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Multi-objective optimization modularity Normalized Mutual Information Bi-objective Genetic Algorithm 


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  • Rohan Agrawal
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  1. 1.Computer Science DepartmentJaypee Institute of Information TechnologyNoidaIndia

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