An Index Structure for Private Data Outsourcing

  • Aaron Steele
  • Keith B. Frikken
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Data outsourcing provides companies a cost effective method for their data to be stored, managed, and maintained by a third-party. Data outsourcing offers many economical benefits, but also introduces several privacy concerns. Many solutions have been proposed for maintaining privacy while outsourcing data in the data as plain-text model. We propose a method that can maintain a similar level of privacy while improving upon the query performance of previous solutions. The motivating principle behind our solution is that if the data owner possesses a small amount of secure local storage, it can be used as a pseudo-index table to improve query performance for selection queries involving conjunctions. We offer a heuristic approach for calculating the required storage resources and provide experimental analysis of the scheme.


Data Outsourcing Privacy Indexing 


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  • Aaron Steele
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  • Keith B. Frikken
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