Legacy of Uranium Extraction and Environmental Security in the Republic of Tajikistan

  • M.M. Yunusov
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Some results of investigating uranium tailings in the North of Tajikistan are presented. Results show that the majority of radioactivity of solid waste is associated with a certain particle size. Investigation of soil samples indicates that contamination of the area by gamma-radiation is between 95 and 98% due to Ra-226. The contents of the uranium and thorium in aerosol have been investigated as well. By hydro chemical sampling the dynamics of groundwater pollution was traced. Migration of polluting components from the tailings into groundwater was determined. Furthermore the distribution of the pollutants in the food-chain (tailing – soil – plant) and the distribution on Rn-22 in the tailings was studied.


Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Radon Concentration Groundwater Pollution Vertical Electric Sound Natural Radionuclide 
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  • M.M. Yunusov
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  1. 1.SE “Vostokredmet”Khudjand CityTajikistan

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