A Bag-of-Paths Based Serialized Subgraph Matching for Symbol Spotting in Line Drawings

  • Anjan Dutta
  • Josep Lladós
  • Umapada Pal
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6669)


In this paper we propose an error tolerant subgraph matching algorithm based on bag-of-paths for solving the problem of symbol spotting in line drawings. Bag-of-paths is a factorized representation of graphs where the factorization is done by considering all the acyclic paths between each pair of connected nodes. Similar paths within the whole collection of documents are clustered and organized in a lookup table for efficient indexing. The lookup table contains the index key of each cluster and the corresponding list of locations as a single entry. The mean path of each of the clusters serves as the index key for each table entry. The spotting method is then formulated by a spatial voting scheme to the list of locations of the paths that are decided in terms of search of similar paths that compose the query symbol. Efficient indexing of common substructures helps to reduce the computational burden of usual graph based methods. The proposed method can also be seen as a way to serialize graphs which allows to reduce the complexity of the subgraph isomorphism. We have encoded the paths in terms of both attributed strings and turning functions, and presented a comparative results between them within the symbol spotting framework. Experimentations for matching different shape silhouettes are also reported and the method has been proved to work in noisy environment also.


Symbol spotting Serialization of graphs Graph matching Bag-of-paths Attributed strings Turning function Graphical indexing Mean paths 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Anjan Dutta
    • 1
  • Josep Lladós
    • 1
  • Umapada Pal
    • 2
  1. 1.Computer Vision CentreEdifici O, Campus UABBarcelonaSpain
  2. 2.CVPR UnitIndian Statistical InstituteKolkataIndia

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