With today’s increasing trend of cloud computing world, most of the organizations prefer to outsource and share their data by the means of cloud service providers. Cloud computing plays a major role by providing different resources in the form of web services which is based on pay-as-per-usage model. Along with benefits of reduced cost, dynamic resource availability, consumption based cost it also brings new challenges for data security and access control when users outsource sensitive data for sharing on cloud servers. This paper takes a glance on the different cloud computing model based on their access and deployment of clouds, also it provides two cryptographic approaches for the data security. The first approach is software based data security model and another is hardware based data security model. In software based model the cryptographic approach is used to build the software for the security of data. In hardware based model it is embedded in the hardware itself, thus providing more robustness. Thought hardware based model provides more robustness; the software based model provides more flexibility for the data correction and data recovery.


Cloud Computing Cloud Security Model Cryptography 


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