On the Relationship Between Capital Structure and Firm Value: Empirical Analysis Based on Listed Firms in Real Estate and Retail Trade

  • Xiaohong TaiEmail author
  • Nan Chen
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With the improvement of business management and decision-making level of enterprises, corporate decision-makings on finance not only pay more attention to size of funding, but also to financing options and the financing structures in order to increase the market value of the enterprise and maximize investors’ interests. It plays an important and significant role to improve financial decision-making level and optimize the capital structure of enterprises by studying the relationship between capital structure and firm value of listed firms. This paper reviews the history of capital structure theory, analyzes the relationship between capital structure and firm value, selects the real estate industry and the retail industry, and carries out an empirical analysis on the capital structure and the firm value by establishing comparative regression models.


Capital structure Financial risk Firm value Listed companies Uncertainty 

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