TPC-V: A Benchmark for Evaluating the Performance of Database Applications in Virtual Environments

  • Priya Sethuraman
  • H. Reza Taheri
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6417)


For two decades, TPC benchmarks have been the gold standards for evaluating the performance of database servers. An area that TPC benchmarks had not addressed until now was virtualization. Virtualization is now a major technology in use in data centers, and is the number one technology on Gartner Group’s Top Technologies List. In 2009, the TPC formed a Working Group to develop a benchmark specifically intended for virtual environments that run database applications. We will describe the characteristics of this benchmark, and provide a status update on its development.


Transaction processing performance virtualization virtual machines server consolidation benchmarks 


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  • Priya Sethuraman
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  • H. Reza Taheri
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