Pedigree Management and Assessment Framework (PMAF)

  • Kenneth A. McVearry
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The Pedigree Management and Assessment Framework (PMAF) is a customizable framework for writing, retrieving and assessing provenance and other metadata that reflects the quality of an information object (such as a document), the relationships between information objects and resources (such as people and organizations), etc. PMAF stores metadata in a volume-efficient format using RDF (Resource Description Framework), and can write and query metadata at a fine-grained level. Once metadata has been stored in PMAF, the user can run a variety of assessments (predefined queries) to reveal particular aspects of the metadata graph. We will demonstrate the PMAF browser interface, which can be used to view the existing metadata graph for an information object; the PMAF assessment interface, which allows the user to select and run predefined queries on the metadata; and the integration of PMAF with a standard document editor and content management system.


information pedigree provenance RDF metadata graph assessment 


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