Deploying Wireless Sensor Networking Technology in a Rescue Team Context

  • Ben McCarthy
  • Socrates Varakliotis
  • Christopher Edwards
  • Utz Roedig
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6511)


The computing department at Lancaster University are currently involved in the ongoing deployment of an advanced communications system designed to support the requirements of search and rescue teams. This system is based around the concept of using an all IP infrastructure to provide multi-functional data communications (such as group voice calling, live video streaming and location updates) to highly mobile vehicles and personnel in challenging environments. In addition to these types of data communications there is also a requirement to reliably transmit different types of sensor data information from the individual rescue team members, their vehicles and the casualties they locate and rescue. In this paper we describe the work we have carried out to incorporate an IP based sensor networking approach into our existing communications system deployment that we have in place with the Morecambe Bay Search and Rescue Team, in order to support Mobile Sensor Networks. In addition, we present results from our experimentation with our deployment that is specifically focused on the issue of wireless interference that our Mobile Sensor Networking solution is potentially subjected to.


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  • Ben McCarthy
    • 1
  • Socrates Varakliotis
    • 2
  • Christopher Edwards
    • 1
  • Utz Roedig
    • 1
  1. 1.Computing Department, Infolab 21Lancaster UniversityLondonUK
  2. 2.Computer Science DepartmentUniversity College LondonLancasterUK

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