Nanotechnology in Civil Infrastructure

pp 1-47

Multifunctional and Smart Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Cement-Based Materials

  • Baoguo HanAffiliated withSchool of Civil Engineering, Harbin Institute of TechnologyDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • , Xun YuAffiliated withDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • , Jinping OuAffiliated withSchool of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Dalian University of Technology

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Nanotechnology has changed and will continue to change our vision, expectations and abilities to control the material world. These developments will definitely affect the field of construction and construction materials. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are considered to be one of the most beneficial nano-reinforcement materials. The combination of high aspect ratio, small size, low density, and unique physical and chemical properties make them perfect candidates as reinforcements in multifunctional and smart cement-based materials. Here, we review recent progress and advances of CNTs reinforced cement-based materials, with attention to their fabrication methods, mechanical properties, electrical and piezoresistive properties, thermal conductive and damping properties, and potential structural applications. Future challenges for the development and deployment of multifunctional and smart CNTs reinforced cement-based materials and structures are also discussed.