Experimenting with eXtreme Design

  • Eva Blomqvist
  • Valentina Presutti
  • Enrico Daga
  • Aldo Gangemi
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6317)


Ontology Design Patterns (ODPs) support reusability and use of best practices in ontology engineering. Previous studies have shown that Content ODPs, in particular, have some measurable beneficial effects on the produced ontologies. However, another conclusion was that methodology and tool support was needed. Now such support exist, in the form of the XD methodology and the XD Tools. In this paper we present a set of experiments for (i) confirming previous conclusions concerning the usefulness of Content ODPs, (ii) investigating the usefulness of the XD methodology, and (iii) investigating the usefulness of the XD Tools. Main conclusions are that we can confirm most of the previous results concerning the usefulness of Content ODPs, and certain negative effects observed previously are now mitigated by the new tool support. The tool is perceived as quite useful, however it also adds some overhead. The XD methodology is found to be a helpful means to organize the design process, and the main benefit shown through the experiments is the testing focus, resulting in a drastic decrease of certain frequent mistakes.


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  • Valentina Presutti
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  • Enrico Daga
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  • Aldo Gangemi
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