Integrated New Product Introduction Challenges in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering

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Maginness M., Shehab E., Beadle C. (2011) Integrated New Product Introduction Challenges in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering. In: Bernard A. (eds) Global Product Development. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg


The key dynamic in supporting an efficient and effective new product introduction is the nature of the exchange of information between the functions of manufacturing engineering and design engineering. This chapter describes a study of this dynamic with particular regard to the role of manufacturing engineering in developing robust production process for the design intent. This study reports related work in this area and establishes the views of participants concerning product introduction process at a major aerospace manufacturer. It is found that integration between the manufacturing and design function driven by communication of qualitative data has brought benefit to the process in terms of quality cost and time. However, a stronger definition regarding the quality and usability of manufacturing process knowledge communicated to the design function is required for more effective and efficient new product introduction in the shortening timescales of the changing industrial environment.


New product introduction Capability Manufacturing engineering Aerospace industry 

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  1. 1.Manufacturing Department, Decision Engineering Centre, School of Applied SciencesCranfield UniversityCranfieldUK

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