Steam generator (SG) is one of the most important equipments in nuclear power plants. The water level of SG must be kept in a certain range to ensure the plants operate safely, reliably and economically. Nowadays, most SG water levels are controlled by PID in PWR plants. In this paper, the mathematical models of SG level control system are built by Matlab/Simulink; the simulation research based on the Matlab/Simulink models is conducted, too. Then, based on RINSIM simulation platform of nuclear power plant Simulator in Wuhan University, a simulation model on the SG level control system is established.The graphical modeling methods for the SG level control system are provided. By using the model, transient simulation experiments and researches with different conditions are conducted. Contrast with the Matlab/Simulink simulation models, the good preciseness and identification performance of the RINSIM models are verified.


Nuclear power plant Simulator Steam generator Level control system Transient simulation 


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