The Web Services are interdependent among themselves in distributed environment. Offering such interdependency is a challenging task due to geographical distance of nodes in an distributed environment which results in high data accessing delay. This paper contributes an Publish/Subscribe Replication Middleware for distributed web services. This technique achieves replication of data dynamically upon the incoming transaction request from the client. This middleware framework offers: Replication services to achieve interdependency, Heterogeneity and security issues among web services. This method achieves interdependency by improving the data accessing delay and avoids reading of stale replicas. When compared to the systems with out replication/using any traditional techniques to achieve interdependency the proposed model is proved efficient through the implementation.


Web Services Replication Middleware Publish/Subscribe 


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  • K. G. Srinivasa
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  2. 2.Research Scholar JNTUHyderbad
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