On Lookahead Hierarchies for Monotone and Deterministic Restarting Automata with Auxiliary Symbols (Extended Abstract)

  • Natalie Schluter
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6224)


A restarting automaton is a special type of linearly bounded automaton with fixed lookahead length k, whose computation proceeds in cycles performing one length-reducing rewrite of the lookahead contents per cycle as the only modification of the input. Through various restrictions on this machine model, a vast number of traditional and new language classes have been excavated. In two studies on lookahead hierarchies for restarting automata without auxiliary symbols [2,3], it was shown that lookahead length is often a significant restriction on the power of these types of restarting automata. No similar study on lookahead hierarchies for restarting automata with auxiliary symbols has been explicitly carried out.


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