The Orange Customer Analysis Platform

  • Raphaël Féraud
  • Marc Boullé
  • Fabrice Clérot
  • Françoise Fessant
  • Vincent Lemaire
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In itself, the continuous exponential increase of the data-warehouses size does not necessarily lead to a richer and finer-grained information since the processing capabilities do not increase at the same rate. Current state-of-the-art technologies require the user to strike a delicate balance between the processing cost and the information quality. We describe an industrial approach which leverages recent advances in treatment automatization and relevant data/instance selection and indexing so as to dramatically improve our capability to turn huge volumes of raw data into useful information.


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  • Raphaël Féraud
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  • Marc Boullé
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  • Fabrice Clérot
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  • Françoise Fessant
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  • Vincent Lemaire
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