Graph Homomorphisms with Complex Values: A Dichotomy Theorem

(Extended Abstract)
  • Jin-Yi Cai
  • Xi Chen
  • Pinyan Lu
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Graph homomorphism problem has been studied intensively. Given an m ×m symmetric matrix A, the graph homomorphism function Z A (G) is defined as

$$ Z_{\rm A}(G) (G) = \sum_{\xi:V\rightarrow [m]} \prod_{(u,v)\in E} A_{\xi(u),\xi(v)}, $$

where G = (V, E) is any undirected graph. The function Z A (G) can encode many interesting graph properties, including counting vertex covers and k-colorings. We study the computational complexity of Z A (G), for arbitrary complex valued symmetric matrices A. Building on the work by Dyer and Greenhill [1], Bulatov and Grohe [2], and especially the recent beautiful work by Goldberg, Grohe, Jerrum and Thurley [3], we prove a complete dichotomy theorem for this problem.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jin-Yi Cai
    • 1
  • Xi Chen
    • 2
  • Pinyan Lu
    • 3
  1. 1.University of Wisconsin-Madison 
  2. 2.University of Southern California 
  3. 3.Microsoft Research Asia 

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