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Volume 6200 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 96-143

Towards Component Based Design of Hybrid Systems: Safety and Stability

  • Werner DammAffiliated withDepartment for Computer Science, University of Oldenburg
  • , Henning DierksAffiliated withDepartment of Electrical and Information Engineering, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
  • , Jens OehlerkingAffiliated withDepartment for Computer Science, University of Oldenburg
  • , Amir PnueliAffiliated withComputer Science Department, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

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We propose a library based incremental design methodology for constructing hybrid controllers from a component library of models of hybrid controllers, such that global safety and stability properties are preserved. To this end, we propose hybrid interface specifications of components characterizing plant regions for which safety and stability properties are guaranteed, as well as exception mechanisms allowing safe and stability-preserving transfer of control whenever the plant evolves towards the boundary of controllable dynamics. We then propose a composition operator for constructing hybrid automata from a library of such pre-characterized components supported by compositional and automatable proofs of hybrid interface specifications.