Automated Acceptance Testing of High Capacity Network Gateway

  • Ran Nyman
  • Ismo Aro
  • Roland Wagner
Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 48)


In this paper we will explore how agile acceptance testing is applied in testing a high capacity network gateway. We will demonstrate how the organisation managed to grow agile acceptance testing testing from two co-located teams to 20+ multi-site team setup and how acceptance test driven development is applied to complex network protocol testing. We will also cover how the initial ideas that we had of agile acceptance testing evolved during product development. At the end of paper we give recommendations to future projects using agile acceptance testing based on feedback that we have collect ed from our first customer trials.


automated acceptance testing scrum organizational change 


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  • Ran Nyman
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  • Ismo Aro
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  • Roland Wagner
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  1. 1.Nokia Siemens NetworksNokia Siemens Network

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