Geometric Properties of Generalized Bessel Functions

  • Árpád BariczEmail author
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 1994)


The goal of the present chapter is to study some geometric properties (like univalence, starlikeness, convexity, close-to-convexity) of generalized Bessel functions of the first kind. In order to achieve our goal we use several methods: differential subordinations technique, Alexander transform, results of L. Fejér, W. Kaplan, S. Owa and H.M. Srivastava, S. Ozaki, S. Ponnusamy and M. Vuorinen, H. Silverman, and Jack’s lemma. Moreover, we present some immediate applications of univalence and convexity involving generalized Bessel functions associated with the Hardy space and a monotonicity property of generalized and normalized Bessel functions of the first kind.


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