First Scientific Results from the ALHAMBRA: Survey

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Fernández-Soto A. (2010) First Scientific Results from the ALHAMBRA: Survey. In: Diego J., Goicoechea L., González-Serrano J., Gorgas J. (eds) Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics V. Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg


The Advanced, Large, Homogeneous Area, Medium-Band Redshift Astronomical (ALHAMBRA)–Survey is mapping eight different areas in the Northern sky, totalling 4 square degrees, aiming at obtaining a photometric redshift catalogue of over 600,000 galaxies with a median redshift \( \mathop z\limits^ - \, \approx \,0.7 \). This sample will be used to measure cosmic evolution at large, including the processes of galaxy formation and differentiation, large-scale structure, and the history of star formation. The photometric redshift depth, completeness, and accuracy are better than in any previous similar effort, reaching δz ≈ 0. 015(1 + z) for 90% of the objects with AB(I) < 24. We present in this conference the present status of the project, including the observations, data analysis, and the first preliminary scientific results obtained with a small fraction of the total survey.


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  1. 1.Instituto de Fsica de Cantabria (CSIC-UC)SantanderSPAIN

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