Visualization of Gene Regulatory Networks

  • Muhieddine El Kaissi
  • Ming Jia
  • Dirk Reiners
  • Julie Dickerson
  • Eve Wuertele
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5876)


Networks are a useful visualization tool for representing many types of biological data such as gene regulations. In this paper, We will present a novel graph drawing technique for visualizing gene regulatory networks. This technique is based on drawing the shortest paths between genes of interest using breadth-first-search algorithm. By drawing genes of interest and showing their regulatory networks, we were able to clearly understand the interaction between these genes. Visualization of Gene Regulatory Networks considerably reduces the number of displayed nodes and edges. This reduction in nodes and edges depends on the number of genes of interest as well as to the number of interactions between these genes.


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  • Muhieddine El Kaissi
    • 1
  • Ming Jia
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  • Dirk Reiners
    • 1
  • Julie Dickerson
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  • Eve Wuertele
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  2. 2.VRACIowa State UniversityAmes

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