Location Based Logistics Services and Event Driven Business Process Management

  • Christoph Emmersberger
  • Florian Springer
  • Christian Wolff
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 53)


Location-based Services (LBS) [1] have already started their market penetration process and several platforms capable of running LBS are available. With the number of LBS increasing, the current development is targeting consumer applications, although LBS have a high potential for enhancing business processes in companies as well. Considering business process optimization, one concept recently discussed in the field of Business Process Management (BPM) [2] is Event-Driven Business Process Management (ED-BPM) [3], which combines Business Process Management (BPM) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) [4]. This paper introduces ED-BPM for LBS in the logistics field, exemplifying its potential use with an example for a logistics order process execution.


ED-BPM - Event-Driven Business Process Management LBS - Location-based Services CEP - Complex Event Processing GPS - Global Positioning System 


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  • Christoph Emmersberger
    • 1
    • 2
  • Florian Springer
    • 1
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  • Christian Wolff
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  1. 1.Senacor Technologies AGNürnbergGermany
  2. 2.University of RegensburgRegensburgGermany

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