Advances in Machine Learning II

Volume 263 of the series Studies in Computational Intelligence pp 351-369

Simple Algorithms for Frequent Item Set Mining

  • Christian BorgeltAffiliated withEuropean Center for Soft Computing

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In this paper I introduce SaM, a split and merge algorithm for frequent item set mining. Its core advantages are its extremely simple data structure and processing scheme, which not only make it quite easy to implement, but also very convenient to execute on external storage, thus rendering it a highly useful method if the transaction database to mine cannot be loaded into main memory. Furthermore, I review RElim (an algorithm I proposed in an earlier paper and improved in the meantime) and discuss different optimization options for both SaM and RElim. Finally, I present experiments comparing SaM and RElim with classical frequent item set mining algorithms (like Apriori, Eclat and FP-growth).