Language and Tool Support for Class and State Machine Refinement in UML-B

  • Mar Yah Said
  • Michael Butler
  • Colin Snook
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5850)


UML-B is a ‘UML-like’ graphical front end for Event-B that provides support for object-oriented modelling concepts. In particular, UML-B supports class diagrams and state machines, concepts that are not explicitly supported in plain Event-B. In Event-B, refinement is used to relate system models at different abstraction levels. The same abstraction-refinement concepts can also be applied in UML-B. This paper introduces the notions of refined classes and refined state machines to enable refinement of classes and state machines in UML-B. Together with these notions, a technique for moving an event between classes to facilitate abstraction is also introduced. Our work makes explicit the structures of class and state machine refinement in UML-B. The UML-B drawing tool and Event-B translator are extended to support the new refinement concepts. A case study of an auto teller machine (ATM) is presented to demonstrate application and effectiveness of refined classes and refined state machines.


Visual modelling languages Formal specification UML Event-B Refinement 


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  • Mar Yah Said
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  • Michael Butler
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  • Colin Snook
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