Creating User Profiles Using Wikipedia

  • Krishnan Ramanathan
  • Komal Kapoor
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5829)


Creating user profiles is an important step in personalization. Many methods for user profile creation have been developed to date using different representations such as term vectors and concepts from an ontology like DMOZ. In this paper, we propose and evaluate different methods for creating user profiles using Wikipedia as the representation. The key idea in our approach is to map documents to Wikipedia concepts at different levels of resolution: words, key phrases, sentences, paragraphs, the document summary and the entire document itself. We suggest a method for evaluating profile recall by pooling the relevant results from the different methods and evaluate our results for both precision and recall. We also suggest a novel method for profile evaluation by assessing the recall over a known ontological profile drawn from DMOZ.


User profiles User modeling Hierarchy Personalization DMOZ Wikipedia Evaluation 


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  • Krishnan Ramanathan
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  • Komal Kapoor
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