BML and Related Tools

  • Jacek Chrząszcz
  • Marieke Huisman
  • Aleksy Schubert
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The Bytecode Modeling Language (BML) is a specification language for Java bytecode, that provides a high level of abstraction, while not restricting the format of the bytecode. Notably, BML specifications can be stored in class files, so that they can be shipped together with the bytecode. This makes BML particularly suited as property specification language in a proof-carrying code framework. Moreover, BML is designed to be close to the source code level specification language JML, so that specifications (and proofs) developed at — the more intuitive — source code level can be compiled into bytecode level.

This paper describes the BML language and its binary representation. It also discusses the tool set that is available to support BML, containing BMLLib, a library to inspect and edit BML specifications; Umbra, a BML viewer and editor, integrated in Eclipse; JML2BML, a compiler from JML to BML specifications; BML2BPL, a translator from BML to BoogiePL, so that the BoogiePL verification condition generator can be used; and CCT, a tool to store proofs in class files.


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