Systemic Contact Dermatitis

  • Niels K. Veien
  • Torkil Menné


The term systemic contact dermatitis is used to describe dermatitis in persons with contact sensitivity who are exposed to the hapten orally, transcutaneously, intravenously, or by inhalation. Well-known examples are eczematous eruptions seen after medicaments are administered to persons with contact sensitivity to the specific medicament. Other causes include the ingestion of the metals mercury, nickel, cobalt, and dichromate, and plant allergens such as sesquiterpene lactones. Typical clinical features are flare-up reactions of previous dermatitis or previously positive patch test sites, widespread dermatitis, vesicular palmar, and/or plantar dermatitis and flexural dermatitis. Systemic contact dermatitis is rare compared with other types of contact dermatitis.


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