CMIC@INEX 2008: Link-the-Wiki Track

  • Kareem Darwish
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This paper describes the runs that I submitted to the INEX 2008 Link-the-Wiki track. I participated in the incoming File-to-File and the outgoing Anchor-to-BEP tasks. For the File-to-File task I used a generic IR engine and constructed queries based on the title, keywords, and keyphrases of the Wikipedia article. My runs performed well for this task achieving the highest precision for low recall levels. Further post-hoc experiments showed that constructing queries using titles only produced even better results than the official submissions. For the Anchor-to-BEP task, I used a keyphrase extraction engine developed in-house and I filtered the keyphrases using existing Wikipedia titles. Unfortunately, my runs performed poorly compared to those of other groups. I suspect that this was the result of using many phrases that were not central to articles as anchors.


Document Linking keyphrase extraction 


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