Chucking: A One-Handed Document Sharing Technique

  • Nabeel Hassan
  • Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
  • Pourang Irani
  • Peter Graham
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5727)


Usage patterns of private mobile devices are constantly evolving. For example, researchers have recently found that mobile users prefer using their devices with only one hand. Furthermore, current hardware in these devices reduces the need for a stylus and instead relies on finger input. However, current interactive techniques, such as those used for sharing documents between private and public devices have not taken advantage of these recent developments. For example a popular technique, Flick for sharing documents between devices relies on pen and stylus use and has not been adapted to support one-handed interaction. In this paper, we present Chucking, a gesture-based technique for sharing documents between private mobile devices and public displays. Chucking is based on the natural human gesture used for throwing or passing objects. We present the various design parameters that make Chucking an effective document sharing technique. In a document positioning task, we evaluated Chucking against Flicking. Our results show that under certain contexts users were more accurate and effective with Chucking. Participants also preferred Chucking as it maps closely the type of interaction one naturally performs to share objects. We also introduce extensions to Chucking, such as Chuck-Back, Chuck-and-Rotate, and Chuck-and-Place that constitute a suite of techniques that facilitate a large range of document sharing interactions between private mobile devices and public displays.


Chucking Flicking public-to-private document sharing multi-document environments (MDEs) 


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  • Nabeel Hassan
    • 1
  • Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
    • 1
  • Pourang Irani
    • 1
  • Peter Graham
    • 1
  1. 1.Computer Science DepartmentUniversity of ManitobaWinnipegCanada

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