Crystal-Plastic Deformation, Recovery and Recrystallisation of Quartz

  • Rudolph A. J. TrouwEmail author
  • Cees W. Passchier
  • Dirk J. Wiersma


As stated in the introduction, this chapter is included because of the special importance of quartz to estimate metamorphic conditions during and after mylonitisation. The theory behind crystal-plastic deformation is treated elsewhere (e.g. Passchier & Trouw 2005). The main optical expression of crystal-plastic deformation is smooth, non-patchy undulose extinction. Elongated grains with such undulose extinction, sometimes accompanied by deformation lamellae, are indicative for low-temperature deformation. At slightly higher temperatures recovery produces subgrains and recrystallisation tends to substitute the old deformed grains by small new ones. Three types of recrystallisation can be distinguished (Fig. 10.1)


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