Mind the Gap

A Verification Framework for Low-Level C
  • Simon Winwood
  • Gerwin Klein
  • Thomas Sewell
  • June Andronick
  • David Cock
  • Michael Norrish
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5674)


This paper presents the formal Isabelle/HOL framework we use to prove refinement between an executable, monadic specification and the C implementation of the seL4 microkernel. We describe the refinement framework itself, the automated tactics it supports, and the connection to our previous C verification framework. We also report on our experience in applying the framework to seL4. The characteristics of this microkernel verification are the size of the target (8,700 lines of C code), the treatment of low-level programming constructs, the focus on high performance, and the large subset of the C programming language addressed, which includes pointer arithmetic and type-unsafe code.


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  • Gerwin Klein
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  • Thomas Sewell
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  • June Andronick
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  • David Cock
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  • Michael Norrish
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  3. 3.Computer Sciences LaboratoryANUCanberraAustralia

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