Introduction to: The Myths of Object-Orientation

  • Jan Vitek
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Inviting a banquet speaker is a responsibility of the ECOOP Program Chair. The charter of the speaker is to address an audience at the juncture between information overload from a long day of conferencing and hunger from a walk around town. Thus a successful banquet speech is at the same time entertaining, thought provoking and brief. I have known James Noble for more than ten years and he certainly fits the bill for a banquet speaker. James has worked on most things OO, from the ownership types that he helped invent, to design patterns, dynamic languages and, of course, his musings on post-modernism in software construction. He is known for his wit and his ability to come up with ideas that, at first, sound crazy, then appear insane, and are, in final analysis, quite brilliant. I could not hope for a better speaker than James and was elated when he accepted my invitation.

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