Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: An Overview

  • David Remondo
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5233)


This tutorial provides a general view on the research field of ad hoc networks. After a definition of the concept, the discussion concentrates on enabling technologies, including physical and medium access control layers, networking and transport issues. We find discussions on the adequacy of enabling technologies for wireless multihop communication, specifically in the case of the pervasive Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11. Then, a variety of dynamic routing protocols are presented and specific issues that are relevant in this context are highlighted. After a short discussion on TCP issues in this context, we look at power awareness, which is a very important issue in this scenario. Finally, we discuss proposals that aim at maintaining Service Level Agreements in isolated ad hoc networks and ad hoc networks connected to fixed networks.


Ad hoc networks multihop wireless networks wireless networks mesh networks 


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