Complications in Abdominoplasty Patients After Bariatric Surgery

  • Mikko Larsen
  • Peter W. PlaisierEmail author


Body contouring is an important aspect of the overall treatment of the morbidly obese patient [1]. Quality of life improves after bariatric surgery and is significantly enhanced after further body contouring, with improved body image [2–4]. Bariatric surgery, as opposed to dietary or lifestyle changes or pharmacologic interventions, offers sustained long-term weight reduction. After massive weight loss, the pannus can interfere with clothing, physical activity, and hygiene, as well as be a cause for recurrent infection. There are, therefore, clear advantages to the excision of remaining excess tissue. The literature is reviewed with the results from our institution to evaluate the incidence and types of complications that occur after abdominoplasty following bariatric surgery. Specifically, the aim was to find the commonly cited correlations between complications and known pre-operative risk factors and to find whether the post-bariatric surgery population is more susceptible to post-operative complications than the general population seeking abdominal body contouring. The results are summarized from the largest published series and provide an overview on the current debate surrounding the question of whether there is evidence that the post-bariatric surgery patient is at a higher risk for post-operative complications.


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