Scanning Probe Microscopy – Principle of Operation, Instrumentation, and Probes

  • Bharat BhushanEmail author
  • Othmar MartiEmail author
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Since the introduction of the STM in 1981 and the AFM in 1985, many variations of probe-based microscopies, referred to as SPMs, have been developed. While the pure imaging capabilities of SPM techniques initially dominated applications of these methods, the physics of probe–sample interactions and quantitative analyses of tribological, electronic, magnetic, biological, and chemical surfaces using SPMs have become of increasing interest in recent years. SPMs are often associated with nanoscale science and technology, since they allow investigation and manipulation of surfaces down to the atomic scale. As our understanding of the underlying interaction mechanisms has grown, SPMs have increasingly found application in many fields beyond basic research fields. In addition, various derivatives of all these methods have been developed for special applications, some of them intended for areas other than microscopy.

This chapter presents an overview of STM and AFM and various probes (tips) used in these instruments, followed by details on AFM instrumentation and analyses.





amorphous carbon


atomic force acoustic microscopy


atomic force microscope


atomic force microscopy


amplitude modulation


controlled geometry


chemical vapor deposition


digital signal processor


field-effect transistor


friction force microscope


friction force microscopy


focused ion beam


frequency modulation


highly oriented pyrolytic


lateral force microscope


lateral force microscopy


linear variable differential transformer


magnetic field microscopy


magnetic force microscope


magnetic force microscopy


multiwall nanotube


plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition


position-sensitive detector


position-sensitive diode


power-spectral density


lead zirconate titanate


scanning capacitance microscopy


scanning chemical potential microscopy


scanning electrostatic force microscopy


scanning electron microscope


scanning electron microscopy


scanning electrochemical microscopy


scanning force acoustic microscopy


scanning force microscope


scanning force microscopy


scanning ion conductance microscopy


scanning Kelvin probe microscopy


scanning magnetic microscopy


scanning near field optical microscopy


scanning probe microscope


scanning probe microscopy


scanning tunneling microscope


scanning tunneling microscopy


scanning thermal microscope


single wall nanotube


single-wall nanotube


transmission electron microscope


transmission electron microscopy


tapping mode etched silicon probe


ultrahigh vacuum


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