Radiological Imaging in Arthritis: Current Status and Limitations

  • Hans Van der Wall
  • Robert Loneragan
  • Louise Wong
  • Les Barnsley
  • Siri Kannangara


Knowledge of the rheumatic disease has grown immeasurably since the early twentieth century, changing the criteria and classification of the diseases. The rheumatic diseases have broadly been classified according to positivity for rheumatoid factor. The immunological and genetic basis of these diseases has been refined, and the pathophysiology elucidated to a large extent. These changes have been reflected in the advances in imaging of the rheumatic diseases, particularly with the increasing adoption of MRI. MRI criteria have become accepted as part of the early disease classification, allowing the commencement of therapy before the radiological or clinical evidence of disease manifests, thus allowing treatment at a potentially reversible stage. The evidence for these changes in the paradigm of imaging the rheumatic disease will be presented and assessed together with potential shortcomings.


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