Challenges for the Multi-dimensional Personalised Web

  • Vincent Wade
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Adaptive hypermedia and adaptive web research have been reasonable successful in researching personalisation in closed corpus content and to a much lesser extent in open corpus content. From a commercial perspective, web adaptivity has been more focused on adaptive content retrieval rather than adaptive content composition. However, personal use of the web extends far beyond just content, and encompasses many dimensions which need to be addressed concurrently e.g. tasks & activities, cultural preferences, and social interaction etc. We need to consider new directions and dimensions in personalised, adaptive web and how they can be addressed within the same personal experience. In this talk I will investigate key challenges involving integrated open corpus & service personalisation, cultural adaptivity (including multilingual personalisation), dialogue and simulation personalisation and the power of the crowd, which could greatly empower web users of the future. I will also consider emerging approaches to tackle these problems and examine what this might mean to current web based personalisation engines and platforms.

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