Extending Diabetic Retinopathy Imaging from Color to Spectra

  • Pauli Fält
  • Jouni Hiltunen
  • Markku Hauta-Kasari
  • Iiris Sorri
  • Valentina Kalesnykiene
  • Hannu Uusitalo
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In this study, spectral images of 66 human retinas were collected. These spectral images were measured in vivo from 54 voluntary diabetic patients and 12 control subjects using a modified ophthalmic fundus camera system. This system incorporates the optics of a standard fundus microscope, 30 narrow bandpass interference filters ranging from 400 to 700 nanometers at 10 nm intervals, a steady-state broadband lightsource and a monochrome digital charge-coupled device camera. The introduced spectral fundus image database will be expanded in the future with professional annotations and will be made public.


Spectral image human retina ocular fundus camera interference filter retinopathy diabetes mellitus 


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  • Pauli Fält
    • 1
  • Jouni Hiltunen
    • 1
  • Markku Hauta-Kasari
    • 1
  • Iiris Sorri
    • 2
  • Valentina Kalesnykiene
    • 2
  • Hannu Uusitalo
    • 2
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  1. 1.InFotonics Center Joensuu, Department of Computer Science and StatisticsUniversity of JoensuuJoensuuFinland
  2. 2.Department of OphthalmologyKuopio University Hospital and University of KuopioKuopioFinland
  3. 3.Department of OphthalmologyTampere University HospitalTampereFinland

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