Networked Knowledge - Networked Media: - Bringing the Pieces Together

  • Tassilo Pellegrini
  • Sören Auer
  • Sebastian Schaffert
  • Klaus Tochtermann
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 221)


The book title Networked Knowledge - Networked Media reflects on the convergence of Social Media and the Semantic Web. When these developments became popular a few years ago it was a simple co-existence between the two, but in the meantime they have increasingly melted making it impossible to think of knowledge technologies without thinking of the Semantic Web.


Network Knowledge Latent Semantic Indexing Network Medium Semantic Search Link Open Data 
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  • Tassilo Pellegrini
  • Sören Auer
  • Sebastian Schaffert
  • Klaus Tochtermann

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