Algebraic Topology pp 131-184

Part of the Abel Symposia book series (ABEL, volume 4)

On the Whitehead Spectrum of the Circle



The seminal work of Waldhausen, Farrell and Jones, Igusa, and Weiss andWilliams shows that the homotopy groups in low degrees of the space of homeomorphisms of a closed Riemannian manifold of negative sectional curvature can be expressed as a functor of the fundamental group of the manifold. To determine this functor, however, it remains to determine the homotopy groups of the topological Whitehead spectrum of the circle. The cyclotomic trace of Bökstedt, Hsiang, and Madsen and a theorem of Dundas, in turn, lead to an expression for these homotopy groups in terms of the equivariant homotopy groups of the homotopy fiber of the map from the topological Hochschild T-spectrum of the sphere spectrum to that of the ring of integers induced by the Hurewicz map. We evaluate the latter homotopy groups, and hence, the homotopy groups of the topologicalWhitehead spectrum of the circle in low degrees. The result extends earlier work by Anderson and Hsiang and by Igusa and complements recent work by Grunewald, Klein, and Macko.


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