CHIMBRIDS - Chimeras and Hybrids in Comparative European and International Research

Volume 34 of the series Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für Deutsches, Europäisches und Internationales Medizinrecht, Gesundheitsrecht und Bioethik der Universitäten Heidelberg und Mannheim pp 379-403


Case 9 – Fehilly: Human-animal embryo mixing

  • Michael BaderAffiliated withMax Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin

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Generation of chimeras by fusion of preimplantation embryos of two species. There is no known case of such a chimera including a human embryo. Therefore, it is described using an example of two other mammalian species. However, it is quite likely that, e.g., a chimpanzee/human chimera, produced in the same way would be viable. Fehilly, C.B. et al. (1984) Interspecific chimerism between sheep and goat. Nature 307, pp.634-636 Live-born and fully viable sheep-goat chimeras were produced by fusion of one 8- cell sheep embryo with three 8-cell goat embryos and transfer of this combined embryo into a goat uterus.