Dynamic Service Provisioning Using GRIA SLAs

  • Mike Boniface
  • Stephen C. Phillips
  • Alfonso Sanchez-Macian
  • Mike Surridge
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4907)


Service Level Agreements (SLA) include quality of service (QoS) constraints and bounds that have to be honoured by the service provider. To maximise the Service Provider revenue while satisfying the QoS requirements of the agreed SLAs it is important to be able to perform a dynamic distribution of the service provider resources between the services and SLAs. This distribution should be based on the current status and predicted evolution of the QoS characteristics. This paper describes the experiences managing SLA obligations from a service provider perspective in a scenario where dynamic deployment of services can be undertaken. The main issues faced to deal with the management of SLAs in this context are detailed. The adopted solution, based on GRIA (a Service Oriented Architecture framework) is discussed.


SLA management dynamic provisioning 


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  • Stephen C. Phillips
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  • Alfonso Sanchez-Macian
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  • Mike Surridge
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