Geology and Mineral Resources of Nigeria pp 31-48

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The Younger Granites


The Mesozoic Younger Granite ring complexes of Nigeria (Fig. 2.1) form part of a wider province of alkaline anorogenic magmatism. They occur in a zone 200 km wide and 1,600 km long extending from northern Niger to south central Nigeria. Rb/Sr whole rock dating indicates that the oldest complex of Adrar Bous in the north of Niger is Ordovician in age, with progressively younger ages southwards. The most southerly ring complex of Afu is Late Jurassic in age (Bowden et al., 1976). Aeromagnetic anomalies suggest that a series of buried NE–SW lineaments of incipient rifts controlled the disposition of the individual complexes (Ajakaiye, 1983).

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