Mesozoic Neornithes

  • Gerald Mayr

To set the following sections on Paleogene birds into a full context, the Mesozoic fossil record of Neornithes is briefly outlined in this chapter. In-depth information on Mesozoic nonneornithine birds can be found in  Chiappe and Witmer (2002) and  Chiappe (2007).

 Hope (2002) reviewed the Mesozoic fossil record of putative Neornithes and listed the described taxa; a similar table was published in  Dyke (2001a). All of the specimens that were considered correctly identified by  Hope (2002) are from late Cretaceous deposits, mainly from the Maastrichtian of the North American Lance Formation. They were assigned to stem group Galliformes (Palintropus), the anseriform Presbyornithidae, ?Charadriiformes (Graculavus, Cimolopteryx, Volgavis), Gaviiformes (Neogaeornis, Polarornis), ?Procellariiformes (Lonchodytes), Pelecaniformes (Torotix and unnamed species, which were identified as representatives of the Phalacrocoracidae), Psittaciformes, and Neornithes incertae sedis [Ceramornis, Elopteryx...


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