Topology-Based Methods in Visualization II

Part of the series Mathematics and Visualization pp 31-43

Extraction of Separation Manifolds using Topological Structures in Flow Cross Sections

  • Alexander WiebelAffiliated withInstitut für Informatik, Universität Leipzig
  • , Xavier TricocheAffiliated withScientific Computing and Imaging Institute, University of Utah
  • , Gerik ScheuermannAffiliated withInstitut für Informatik, Universität Leipzig

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The study of flow separation from walls or solid objects is still an active research area in the fluid dynamics and flow visualization communities and many open questions remain. This paper aims at introducing a new method for the extraction of separation manifolds originating from separation lines. We address the problem from the flow visualization side by investigating features in flow cross sections around separation lines. We use the topological signature of the separation in these sections, in particular the presence of saddle points and their separatrices, as a guide to initiate the construction of the separation manifolds. Having this first part we use well known stream surface construction methods to propagate the surface further into the flow. Additionally, we discuss some lessons learned in the course of our experimentation with well known and new ideas for the extraction of separation lines.