MIDIAS: An Integrated 2D/3D Sensor System for Safety Applications

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In this article we present an integrated micro-system consisting of a high resolution gray-value camera and a range camera. We discuss a flexible calibration method, which is essential for the three-dimensional reconstruction of the scene observed by the camera system. For the calibrated micro-system we present a simple and fast data fusion technique, which assigns distance information to each image pixel of the gray-value camera. Our methods enhance the resolution of the coarse distance information provided by the range camera. We demonstrate the applicability of our micro-system by two application examples within the safety domain: Front-view pedestrian recognition and intrusion detection with automated retrieval of the intruder image.


Intrusion Detection Data Fusion Distance Information Safety Application Reference Coordinate System 
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  2. 2.FORWISSUniversity of PassauGermany

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