Reasoning Web

Volume 5224 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 200-239

Applications of Semantic Web Methodologies and Techniques to Biology and Bioinformatics

  • Paolo RomanoAffiliated withNational Cancer Research Institute
  • , Andrea SplendianiAffiliated withUniversity of Rennes 1

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Semantic Web technologies are appealing for biomedical researchers since they promise to solve many of the daily problems they face while accessing and integrating biological information that is distributed over the Internet and managed by using tools which are extremely heterogeneous and largely not compatible. On the other hand, the complexity of biomedical information and its heterogeneity, together with the need of keeping current production services steadily up and running, make the transition from current semantic-less to future semantic-aware services a huge problem.

In this paper, authors present the characteristics of biomedical information that make adoption of semantic web technologies both desirable and complex at the same time. They then present the tools and the applications that have been developed so far, including biomedical ontologies, RDF/OWL data stores, query systems and semantic-aware tools and browsers. Finally, they present community efforts and the perspectives that can be sought for short- and mid-term developments in the field.


biological data integration molecular biology databases bio-ontologies semantic web applications